The Sheriff's Patrol section encompass all uniformed deputies and are responsible for all calls for service. Uniformed deputies answer calls in the 246 square mile area encompassing all of Union County. Deputy sheriffs perform a wide variety of duties involving all facets of law enforcement. Union County Deputies must have an active interest in working with people and be able to be fair with all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious belief, political affiliation, or economic level.

Deputies of the Union County Sheriff perform a variety of duties:
  • Respond to emergency calls for assistance
  • Investigate complaints
  • Investigate suspicious behavior
  • Arrest persons suspected of committing crime
  • Process crime scenes
  •  Traffic control
  • Provide assistance in resolving problems
  • Patrol urban, suburban, and rural areas
Deputy sheriffs also work as court officers in serving all civil and criminal process in and for the 8th judicial circuit, Union County. This involves legal service of summons, witness subpoenas, various writs, arrest warrants and other court actions.

Additionally, deputy sheriffs perform a wide variety of traffic enforcement on all roads in Union County. The deputies monitor speed through radar as well as conduct traffic checkpoints and safety checks of the motoring public. Deputies are the first line of defense on priority calls where life may be in danger. This includes response to in progress calls, traffic accidents or robbery alarms just to name a few. The deputy sheriffs of the UCSO are committed to providing you the best quality law enforcement service as most live and work in their community.

The Sheriff's Office maintains an active reserve unit of deputies that assist in many of the community functions such as parades, traffic details and school events just to name a few. Also, the Sheriff's Mounted Posse has numerous members that utilize their horses during events and other law enforcement actions including missing persons, wooded area searches etc. The men and women freely give of their time to the citizens and play a vital role in supplementing the deputies as they perform their duties.

The USCO deputies must maintain all state and federal mandates for training and participate with other state and federal law enforcement on many acitivites involving the safety and security of Union County citizens. Deputy sheriffs also work closely with the investigative section of the UCSO in conducting witness interviews, suspect interviews and serving arrest warrants to assure that cases are diligently worked through to their solvency. Annually, the deputy sheriff patrol section works with various other law enforcement agencies in DUI enforcement as well as other programs such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and the Florida Department of Transportation to assist keeping Union County roads safe for all citizens. Supporting Union County Schools, the deputy sheriffs of the uniformed patrol section work inside the schools promoting safety as well as interacting with the students.

The deputy sheriffs have emergency management duties and are also part of the statewide mutual aid agreement supporting Florida counties in times of disaster such as hurricanes, tornadoes or other natural or man-made disasters.

If you need more information on crime safety or desire to have a deputy meet with you to discuss crime prevention in your neighborhood, please contact the Sheriff's office at (386) 496-2501. As Sheriff, I want to encourage citizens to "get to know" the deputies and work together in keeping Union County safe. Prevention is the key to success!