E-911 Mapping

The Union County E911 / Mapping Department is housed inside the Emergency Operations Center. The center utilizes an automated 911 system supported by PlantCML. This enables the center to provide an enhanced 911 system for its citizens. With this system, the center is able to take an incoming 911 call and identify: resident's name, address, phone number, fire department, rescue units, medical units, additional fire and rescue units, hazardous problems, medical problems, residents call history, and directions. Our dispatchers can access a G.I.S. (Geographical Information System) map of Union County that can assist in directions, routing of units, mileage, and GPS Coordinates. They are also able to pin point resident locations and names to aid in the arrival of units.

The center is able to log and keep track of all personnel, units, and call activities. The center keeps its own in-house database that is downloaded from BellSouth / Windstream daily. This allows the Center to keep current data on all Union County residents. Besides the advanced 911 software and G.I.S. mapping system, the center uses: Motorola and M/A-Com radio equipment, Stancil recorders, and has a UPS (uninterruptible power source) battery and generator back-up.

Information received through a system of dedicated trunks lines, computer routing, switching devices, and answering positions, ensures a rapid response to citizens in need of emergency assistance. By dialing 911 you are connected to trained professionals whose mission is to assist you by getting the type of emergency responder you need to your location quickly. In order to assist the dispatchers in getting help to you quickly you will be asked to give certain identifying information. For instance your name, phone number, and address or location. One of the key elements of response is location identification. By ensuring your 911 address is clearly and visibly posted, you have assisted the emergency responders in locating you before you have an emergency.

Important Information To Keep Near Your Telephone

In an emergency situation seconds can save lives. When a person is encountered with a stressful situation, they may forget simple things such as their address, telephone number, or crossroads. This is information that can assist the Dispatcher in sending the proper response to the right location.

It is recommended that you keep a list of important information near your phone to refer to in an emergency situation. This can be especially important if you have children in your home who are being cared for by a sitter or children who are home without a parent’s supervision.

Some items to include on that list are:
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Directions to your house (such as the third house North of _____ road on the West side)
  • Major crossroads near your home
Remember that in an emergency situation the number to call in Union County for the Sheriff's Office, Fire, or EMS is 911.

This list is also a good place to keep important contact numbers for you, such as your family’s cell phone numbers, numbers to friends and family that can assist you, doctors offices, poison control, and numbers to your utility providers. Make sure that you go over this list with everyone in your home.

The E911 Office provides addresses in Union County outside the city limits of Lake Butler. All addresses inside of Lake Butler are assigned by the City of Lake Butler. Those addresses are then reported to the E911 / Mapping Department by the City of Lake Butler. Below, you will find the most commonly asked questions for the E911 Department and contact information if you have any further questions.

How do I get a physical Address?

  1. First you must satisfy all requirements to apply for a building permit.
  2. Obtain a Building Permit and contact E911 / Mapping by phone at (386) 496-4300.
  3. E911 / Mapping will take measurements via GPS (Global Positioning System) only when there is some sort of physical marking where the front door of the residence will be (or if the home is already in place).
  4. After the measurements are taken, they are downloaded into our computer database.
  5. You will be contacted by the E911 / Mapping Department by phone and receive your address within 5 working days. Other than the Building Permit itself, there is no charge for E911 addressing.

Do you furnish State Maintained and Private Road Signs?

Yes, in some cases a new street name will have to be added. Those cases include but are not limited to: Residence is more than 500 feet from closest named road, more than one residence is present on the driveway, and/or residence is no visible from closest name road. These cases are facilitating the response of emergency vehicles (i.e. EMS / Fire / Law Enforcement).

Do I have to have my E911 number on my house?

Yes, all residents must have an E911 number on their house and at the beginning of their driveway. Numbers should be at least 3". We suggest numbers that are larger and reflective (use common sense).

How do I get a private road name?

Road names are numerical and are assigned by the E911 / Mapping Department according to the Union County Mapping system approved by the Union County Board of County Commissioners. All "nicknamed" roads will NOT be considered in the naming of roads, and are a detriment to emergency response in general.

How do I get an address verification letter?

Contact the E911 / Mapping Department at (386) 496-4300 and the letter can either be faxed or you can pick up at our office.

How do obtain a large map of Union County with Streets labeled?

Contact the E911 / Mapping Department at (386) 496-4300 and the map can be picked up at our office. We will not mail maps. Cost of this service is 30 dollars beginning October 8th, 2007.