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A Message from the Sheriff
Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Sheriff here in Union County. I am humbled everyday as I travel throughout the county and meet with our citizens. I enjoy being able to hear every concern that you have and I am committed to fulfilling the Office of the Sheriff with the citizens guidance in hopes that we continue to make Union County the safest place to live, work and raise our children.

Our county remains rich in heritage and tradition as well as one of the lowest crime rated places in Florida. The men and women of the Union County Sheriff's Office do not take this lightly and our mission will be to continually strive to be a community we can all be proud.

The place I grew up, Union County and our citizens have shaped my career and I am honored to serve as your Sheriff. I understand the importance of public service, dedication and understanding the unique needs of our county. I also understand that our youth remain the most valuable asset that will determine our future and quality of life. I am encouraged everyday knowing that each of us as teachers, leaders, mothers, fathers and business owners are working together to achieve success. I also have seen the heartache when things affect our families without notice or boundaries of social economic status, race or creed. As we move forward into our future, please join me in making our pledge to do our part in building a foundation of commitment, honor, respect and unity across all lines.

I want to provide you with the best quality service and I urge you to visit our website often and invite your comments and vision.

Thank you and I look forward to continuing to serve you and the needs of this county.


Our Mission
Our main mission is the protection of life and property of citizens in Union County and the operation of the County Jail.

We shall provide quality law enforcement service to everyone in Union County with dedication, honor and commitment.

We shall faithfully serve the people whose laws we enforce and that in so doing we will never violate the publicís trust placed in our positions.

We shall demand of ourselves the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

We recognize that our citizens entrust our employees and we will always remember that.

We further recognize the importance of investing in the future of our communityís children.

We shall safeguard the rights of everyone, regardless of who they are or what they represent. And we shall work together with the community to solve problems and form partnerships.

We shall treat each other and the public with dignity and respect while basing our decisions on what is best for the public and what is best for the office. Our actions will consistently be in the best interest of the public without bias or prejudice.

We will work hard to improve the quality of life for everyone by working together to make our streets, neighborhoods and schools safe.

Zero Drug Tolerant
Union County Sheriff Brad Whitehead announces "ZERO TOLERANCE" with other North Florida Sheriffs today in Lake Butler.

Sheriff Brad Whitehead spoke alongside other North Florida Sheriffs and elected officials in an effort to reinforce a message to citizens that his administration will strictly enforce Florida's drug control act. This message follows Union County Sheriff's Office latest arrests and search warrants served today.

Sheriff Whitehead commented that we must all work together to protect our citizens and our youth. "If one more person chooses drugs or one more person loses their life due to illegal drugs, then we have failed". "We Cannot Fail".

Sheriff Whitehead stated that Union is a small county and we are fortunate to have our neighboring Sheriffs and Correctional professionals work with us on a routine basis. The message today solidifies this working relationship.

Since taking office in January, the Union County Sheriff's Office has arrested over 50 suspects for drug offenses and filed over 105 charges in the Eighth Judicial Circuit.

"This latest partnership is a demonstration of how effective we all can be when we work together to combat this plague. Working together and the sharing of resources also has a direct positive impact fiscally as well as provides the means of intelligence gathering and sharing" stated Whitehead.

This sign along with 22 others throughout the entrances into Union County will send a message that we do not tolerate any illegal drugs!!!

Sheriff Brad Whitehead and Deputy Todd Hanlon unveil the first of 23 Signs showing our position of "Zero Drug Tolerance" in Union County
Sheriff Gordon Smith - Bradford County; State Attorney Bill Cervone; Sheriff Sadie Darnell - Alachua County; Sheriff Brad Whitehead; Sheriff Mark Hunter - Columbia County and Sheriff Joey Dobson - Baker County all stand together as neighboring Sheriffs in the war on drugs.

Sheriff Brad Whitehead with many members of our Correctional community working together to rid our county of illegal drugs.
Elected Leaders of Union County taking a stand in the battle to fight illegal drugs:

Pictured is Property Appraiser Bruce Dukes, County Commissioner Karen Cossey, Superintendent Carlton Faulk, Clerk of Court Kelly Connell and Sheriff Brad Whitehead
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